The Tsinghua University – University of Chicago Joint Research Center for Economics, in collaboration with the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics in China (BFI-China), the National Institute for Fiscal Studies (NIFS) and School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Tsinghua University, will host a virtual seminar series to inspire research and discussion on public policy issues relating to China. Focusing on a wide range of topics in public economics, the seminar will be a premier forum for frontier economic research and dialogue on Chinese economic issues.

Past Seminars (Spring 2022)

6/15 Speaker: Nano Barahona

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley’s Economics Department

Topic: Food Labeling: Effects of Information on Nutrition and Health

6/1 Speaker: Jose Ignacio Cuesta

Assistant Professor of Economics at Stanford University

Topic: Quality Regulation and Competition: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Markets

5/18 Speaker: Emilien Gouin-Bonenfant

Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia University

Topic: Asset-Price Redistribution

5/5 Speaker: Allan Hsiao

Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics Princeton University

Topic: Educational Investment in Spatial Equilibrium: Evidence from Indonesia

4/20 Speaker: Francesco Agostinelli

Assistant Professor at the Economics Department at University of Pennsylvania

Topic: On the Spatial Determinants of Educational Access

4/6 Speaker: Michael Dinerstein

Assistant Professor in the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics at the University of Chicago

Topic: The Equilibrium Effects of Public Provision in Education Markets: Evidence from a Public-School Expansion Program

Past Seminars (2021)

12/9 Speaker: Owen Zidar

Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University.

11/11 Speaker: David M. Cutler

Otto Eckstein Professor of Applied Economics, Harvard University

Topic: Survival of the City

10/28 Speaker: Liran Einav

Professor of Economics at Stanford University

Topic: Customers and Retail Growth

10/14 Speaker: Benjamin A. Olken

Jane Berkowitz Carlton and Dennis William Carlton Professor of Microeconomics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9/29 Speaker: Henrik Kleven

Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University

9/15 Speaker: Austan Goolsbee

Robert P. Gwinn Professor of Economics at Chicago Booth

Topic: Fear, Lockdown, and Diversion: Comparing Drivers of Pandemic Economic Decline