Economic FindingNov 22, 2021

Policy Experimentation in China: The Political Economy of Policy Learning

Shaoda Wang, David Y. Yang
While China’s bureaucratic and institutional conditions make large-scale policy experimentation possible, the country’s complex political environments can also limit the scope and...
Economic FindingAug 07, 2020

In developing countries, indirect impacts of COVID-19 may be greater than direct health impacts

Pinelopi K. Goldberg, Tristan Reed
The poorest countries of the world have so far avoided the worst of Covid-19, a result we attribute to a younger population...
Economic FindingJul 24, 2020

Healthcare Crowd-out During COVID-19

Manuel Hermosilla, Jian Ni, Haizhong Wang, Jin Zhang
Economic FindingJun 05, 2020

Response to Stimulus Checks Driven Primarily by Liquidity

Scott R. Baker
Economic FindingMay 22, 2020

Public Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases Is More Effective than Lockdowns

David Argente, Chang-Tai Hsieh, Munseob Lee
Economic FindingMay 18, 2020

The Shocking Supply-Side Effects of COVID-19

Veronica Guerrieri, Guido Lorenzoni, Ludwig Straub, Iván Werning
Economic FindingMay 12, 2020

COVID-19 Infection Externalities: Trading Off Lives vs. Livelihoods

Zachary Bethune, Anton Korinek